Sunday, January 22, 2006

Finished Sock Euphoria

To the left here you see the foot in progress. Pooled progress but progress non the less. I basically did the foot yesterday and the toe area today. The toe goes fast since you are decreasing.

Sock one is finished. The foot portion is massively pooled, but I'm ok with the pooling. It's done. It fits. It feels great. I'm confident I can knit the second one even better then the first.

Next time I knit socks it's going to be two at a time baby.

Oh yeah.

I'm still waiting for my Rowan Calmer to arrive. Hopefully it will be in the mail sometime this week.

After this week long sock knitting frenzy I think I'm going to read a book I started before the new year and did not finish. I need a little break before starting the second sock.

I'm continuing to tweak the template on this blog. I wanted more white space. Dave's been helping me with the code. I think it's going to take a bit more tinkering until I set on a look.

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