Thursday, February 02, 2006

Farewell My Concubine

Yarn Harlot posted a fabulous metaphor today comparing her stash to a high priced concubine. It's a good read. I quote

You are actually like my high-priced concubine. I love and cherish you, feed, house and spend money on you... and in exchange, you are to give me what I pay for. Entertainment, pleasure and silent nodding assent. I am a knitter with plans right now, and you exist to please me.

Today I get to say Farewell My Concubine to a bit of my stash. The dresser tray is all felted and dry. It's so fuzzy and dense and yummy. It's significantly smaller then it was yesterday.

Funny Stephanie should mention concubines. I've been watching Firefly over the past few days. It's sci-fi meets the wild west and I'm loving every minute. The character Inara is a Companion, more then a prostitute, not quite a Geisha, not quite a Concubine. She belongs to a guild, picks her own clients, and if anything brings respect and decorum to the rag tag ship Serenity.

In knitting news...Alison over at the blue blog has this super cool google world map covered in Sockpaloosa participants. There are over six hundred participants. Wow.

You won't be seeing me participating in any swaps or Secret Pals anytime soon. Yes I'm a party pooper. I think they are great. But I'm just too worried about knitting bad socks, or giving lousy gifts. Have you seen some of the Secret Pal and Better Pal gifts? Swanky.

I showed my hubby the Atari Breakout Tech Socks in Magknits. He wants a pair. We shall see.

I found a fun blog that encourages you to show your stash.

This one is not really knitting related, may offend some readers and may not be considered safe for work.. Low Tee creates one of a kind men's swimwear, ahem speedos hence the warning, out of tshirts. Brilliant reuse of materials if you ask me. Have a beloved tshirt you don't want to wear anymore? Turn it into a bathing suit.

While we are below the waist. Does your little one suffer from plumbers crack? Have you found belts to be too difficult for little fingers? Check out My Self belts for children. It's a simple design that lets young children fasten their belt with ease. This could be good for adults as well.

I sent my first try at Flick to the frog pond. I'm almost knitted back to where I frogged. I also switched from size 8 to size 5 needles. I'm using one of my new, little, cable needles, which is working out great.


Club Sammich said...

Didn't necessarily say I want a pair, what I said was: I would wear those. Not quite the same thing. :-)

Karen said...

I understand.