Thursday, January 12, 2006

Serious Yarn Pron

No this post is not about porn or pornography. You are not going to find that here.

Pron is a bit of a play on words. Back in the day you could spell porn as pron to get through censors and the like. Not that I ever did that. I just think the word sounds cool. It's not porn it's pron. See it's edgy and hip.


Over at Curbed they discuss floorplan porn, or as I like to call it floorplan pron. Don't worry both links are safe for work. Curbed is this blog of sorts that discusses housing in NYC. I don't quite know what it is exactly that makes the site so interesting. There is just something about looking at floorplans of 20 million dollar apartments. I can't imagine spending seven figures on a one bedroom apartment. But hey it's NYC.

I found a site that eclipses Curbed and it's floorplan pron.

I found the Flying Fingers Yarn Shop online today. I mean absolutely no disrespect to this shop when I say they have some of the most amazing yarn pron I've seen anywhere.



Are you doubting me?

Check out this Manos de Uruguay in Flame Multi.

But wait there is more. Click on the picture of the yarn. A little window will pop up. Maximize that window and behold Flame Multi in all it's glory. You can really see the variation in the color and twist.

It's just breathtaking.

How to choose?

Can you choose only one?

What about the Colinette?

Cezanne calls it's siren song.

What to do?

Buy one of each?

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