Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Two New WIP's

I can't tell you how cool it was to see a little Blue Ribbon Smilely next to my name in today's Jaywalker KAL update. It's got to be so much work to maintain a kal of that size, 311 people. The Knitting Olympics is going to be fun, over 2K participants. Wow!

I started a little stashbusting dresser tray last night based on the Nantasket basket pattern and finished it earlier today. I knitted the base then just knitted up the sides until I ran out of Carrot then did the applied I-cord in Tan, both Wool of the Ande's from Knitpicks. I'll felt it up when I have some towels to wash. Should be soon. Here is a prefelted picture of the tray on my daughter's play kitchen.

I started Flick tonight after dinner in Lamb's Pride Suede. The pattern calls for Berroco Suede but that would mean $40.00 in yarn. I can get the admittedly not nearly as nice LPS at JoAnn's for under 4 bucks with a 40% off coupon.

I'm not crazy about the yarn but Flick is intended to be a fun little novelty gift. If I'm paying forty bucks for a whip that puppy's going to be real leather.

Speaking of Valentine's Day.

I bought a pack of Kissables today while picking up milk at the grocery store. They are candy coated mini Hershey Kisses. They taste just like large Kisses but with a crunch. They did not blow my mind but they were tasty and would make a fun little Valentine's Day gift.

In knitting news the new issue of Magknits is live. I really want to knit Odessa. I also found this super cute felted Fortune Cookie pattern over at Indigo Muse. Very cool.

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