Thursday, February 16, 2006

I'm Loving the Olympics...Both of them

I did not take a picture of last night's progress. The pic to the left is three pattern repeats from earlier this evening.

I remember reading on a knitting blog somewhere about only doing three instead of the recommended five. The hat would obviously not be as deep with only three and this is intended to be a fully functional, whole head covering chemo cap. Tracy has lost very little hair so far but as her treatment regime changes the hair issue may change. So I'm going for five repeats for full coverage.

It turns out that I make the best progress at night once E is in bed and I can just sit on the couch, knit and watch the Olympics. I've watched more TV this week then in the last few months combined. When I do manage to knit during the day it seems I make more mistakes and have to tink more then I make progress. So I think I'm going to stick to knitting at night.

I was added to the Knit Ohio webring yesterday. That was super fast. Thanks Jeanne.


Ashley said...

I think you were added before yesterday, because I know I found your blog on the ohio site a few days ago. It was the day you said you applied I believe. I don't remember. I love bookmarking all the ohio ones.

Love the blog.

Karen said...

Thanks Ashley. Jeanne was quick to set me up. The Ohio Sites are fun.

Sourire11 said...

You’re welcome! I like flipping through all of the Ohio blogs too! I’m glad the webring is starting to take off a little….