Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Shedir is Finished

Just finished up Shedir. What a fabulous knit. Many thanks to Jenna for a great pattern. Now it's a matter of getting a picture that will do this beautiful Chemo Hat justice. I will try to get a decent picture in natural light sometime soon.

I learned a new stitch at the end there. p2tog tbl. Yet again Knittiing Help came to the rescue.

In the meantime here is the best picture I can manage for now.

I've really been enjoying watching the Olympics and knitting this specail hat. It's been so much fun to watch so many great athlets competing in Torino. It's made this knit all the more special to me. I'm not sure of when I'm going to see Tracy in person. I'm really looking forward to giving her her new hat. Love you Lady.

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