Tuesday, February 28, 2006

What A Difference A Frog Makes

Well I frogged Odessa back to the 3x2 ribbing last night. I think it was a good choice. This time when I knit the yo's for the first pattered round it knit them in the front so they would be tight and not in the back so they would make a big hole. I'm not explaining that well. The first go round had huge holes at the yo's and did not look good. The second go looks neater, with no big holes. I only knit into the fronts on the first round. I knit normally into the back on subsequent rounds.

Turns out I had a rouge seed. Not sure of how I missed it. I did not want to frog again so asked Dave to help me remove the bead. I was thinking pliers but he suggested a c-clamp. The c-clamp crushed the bead without damaging the knitting. Thanks for the help sweetheart.


Brandi. said...

This is beautiful--love the beads!

Karen said...

Thanks! They look very cool IRL too. :-)