Sunday, February 12, 2006

Where are the Knitting Olympics Updates?

Time for a Knitting Olympics update.

Friday night I was all set. I had the pattern, the cable needle, the yarn, the needle, the spiffy Poor Miss Finch stitch marker, and the magnifying glass to read the chart.

I sat down to watch the Opening Ceremonies and cast on Shedir. Things were going fine until I got past the 1x1 ribbing to the first row of the pattern. Only then did I discover the Fatal Flaw!

Despite multiple counts I cast on 130 instead of 128 stitches.

The horror.

The agony.

It was ugly.

I thought I could fix it. But no. This is the Knitting Olympics, there is no room for such a blatant error!

So the first go round ended up in the frog pond.

I also experienced an equipment issue. My size 3, 16 inch circs had a few little burrs on them where the cord meets the needle. It was snagging the yarn a bit. After the frogging I carefully filed down the burrs on the needles with a metal file. It's much improved.

Saturday I regrouped. Armed with E's container of tiny hair elastics I carefully counted out eight, sixteen stitch sections as I cast on.


128 beautiful stitches. The tiny hair elastics make excellent stitch markers. I use the fancy PMF marker to mark the row.

I made quick progress yesterday while watching Men's Nordic Combined, Men's Luge, and a bit of Men's Speed Skating. I'm pretty much back to where I was before the trip to the frog pond.

I also changed cable needles from a u shaped to a flying bird. The flying bird shape is working better then the u shaped.

We rearranged the family room today. I'm looking forward to trying out the new set up while I watch the Olympics and knit Shedir.

Most importantly I got to talk with Tracy last night. I told her about the progress and the trip to the frog pond. She is really excited about the hat.


Mia said...

Hi there,
Just passing by.. but I'm with you on the olympic frogging. I'm only working on socks, but I did pretty much the same thing.. I was just too eager to start and not properly prepared..

but no matter! We will push on... we ARE olympic knitters!!!!

Karen said...

Hey Mia, thanks for stopping by. I'm making great progress this second go round. Happy Olympic knitting!