Monday, March 06, 2006

We have an FO

Finished Odessa tonight. Fun knit. I enjoyed knitting with beads. Hopefully I can get a wig head and some decent natural light so I can properly capture the true color of this Rowan Calmer.

I'm getting used to the new faucet. It's so shiny and pretty. It does not splash and knock like the old one.

Watched the movie Serenity tonight. So sad, so dark. What a shame FOX had to kill off Firefly before it really got it's wings.

Watched nearly all of Moonstruck on commentary this afternoon. What a fabulous movie. It's aging well, not too dated. Must finished the commentary soon.

The Serenity commentary track is calling to me as well.

I have nothing on the needles. I'm in a bit of a quandary about what to knit next. Hopefully the Sexy Knitters Club will pick a cool pattern for the next KAL. Picovoli is cool but I really don't want to knit it right now. We shall see. I have some ideas but they all involved buying yarn and or patterns. I would like to knit from stash.

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