Sunday, July 16, 2006

I have content!

I am so excited to have content, actual knitting content to share.

First off we have three unfelted little bowls. At twelve noon we have leftover bits of Wool of the Andes and Ambrosia, at five o'clock Sock Garden Hydrangea, and eight o'clock the yummy Manos del Uruguay in Bing Cherry with a bit of grey tweed Cascade 220.

Voila! Three cute little felted bowls. They are so fun. The Manos felts like a dream.

I've finally started a project for the little one. I have two bags of acrylic that are mocking me. I had a flash of inspiration yesterday. The Pinwheel Baby Blanket. We are HOPEFULLY finding out little one's sex this Friday. Since we don't know the sex just yet I'm going with purple and a variegated purple/pastels.

So here is a Pinwheel Baby Blanket progress picture with bonus belly profile. I'm feeling big already but I know that I'm just going to get bigger, and bigger between now and November.

In the meantime I'm enjoying the blanket knit and the new bowls. I have quite the little felted bowl collection going.


Brandi. said...

You are so much bigger than just two weeks ago! Oh, you are adorable! Yay, little one love!

Karen said...

The belly just keeps growing. :-)