Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Third Time the charm

I finished the Pinwheel baby blanket but was not happy with the edge. The blue did not really match, the seed stitch was not working, it was rolling. So I ripped and did a plain cast off, but was not thrilled with the continued roll.

So I ripped again and tried a little roll where you pick up the back of a stitch a few rows down. Only did half the blanket and realized it would roll and not look right. I don't have a pic of the little roll edge thing excitement.

So time to rip again. I ended up doing a three stitch applied I-cord, which still rolls. I'm still not really satisfied but it's acrylic and can not be blocked like wool so I'm just going to have to deal.

In other knitting news I'm making slow and steady progress on Crumpets.

Still trying to decide if I'm going to make it a little top or just slog on and make it long enough to be a little dress.

I found the following blog entry over at random threads about the insanely popular ball band dishcloth pattern. The i-cord edge is spiffy. I have some cotton ease but no sugar/peaches n cream.

Will I surcumb to the call of the kitchen cotton?

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Sourire11 said...

crumpets is soooo adorable!!! I need to do the knitting with beads thing - I've been wanting to knit odessa forever now!

I highly recommend the ball band dishcloth - fast, mindless, but interesting enough to keep my attention. Definately a fun knit!