Monday, October 30, 2006

Ghost Cake

Dave and I went to a Halloween party Saturday night without E. Just the two of us. It was an adult only party. Not only was it an adult party it was COSTUMES ONLY. Everyone was dressed up, it was so cool. Dave went as a construction worker and I wore my belly dancing costume, ok parts that I can still fit my 35 week pregnant body into.

Lacking actual knitting content I'm posting a picture of the Ghost Cake created for said party. Not only was Ghosty cute and a bit scary he was tasty.

Not much knitting going on here. I've been working on the nursery. That room has gone a long way from being a stuff filled catch all room to a nearly functional nursery.

In Halloween news E is going to be a Pirate. Aarggg!


Sourire11 said...

Happy Halloween and cute cake!

msubulldog said...

How nice that you were able to go to a "grown ups" party! (your Halloween avatar is cute, btw)
I'm sorry you're feeling so miserable, but you're in the homestretch! Take it easy and rest up. Easier said than done, I know. *grin*