Thursday, February 22, 2007

Harry Potter Hedgie

Let's start off with a bit more yarn pr0n. Here is what I came up with for a HP inspired Huggable Hedgehog. Henry and I bought some Bernat Boa in Cardinal to go along with the Wool of the Andes Daffodil and Hollyberry. So HP Hedgie is going to be a bit more flocked then fuzzy.

I'm already about half way through the tummy section of the HP Hedgie. The front body part goes really fast. He will have a yellow tummy and red back.

We tried to go bowling with my Mom's group this morning. It was so fun and incredibly cute. The kids use 6 lb balls and wear little bowling shoes. There are bumpers in the gutters so no gutter balls. The balls go so slow up the lane since the kids really can't heft them too hard. We got about two frames in and the power went out to the bowling alley. It went up and down a few times then stayed down.

So disappointing. I think we are going to have to go back again soon. E just loved watching her ball go down the lane. She was so excited.

Henry is officially 3 months old today. I took H to visit Dave at work today. H was quite the sensation.

Happy Quarter Year birthday to you Henry!


Ann said...

Bowling with the little ones is fun, and scary! I took Bruce with a mom's group I'm in and I kept finding myself freaking out about the ball falling on his foot. THey had a good time, though.
Happy three months old to Henry! (That is one of the names we had listed For Bruce and Flora. I just love it.)

Karen said...

E used a six pound ball. Not too heavy but it could do damage if dropped on a toe.

Love your kiddo's names!