Friday, February 09, 2007

LYS Trip Tomorrow

My sister and I have a PEO meeting tomorrow morning. My LYS of choice Knitter's Mercantile is not too far from the meeting location. Allie has agreed to a short trip to the LYS so I can buy some needles for the Felted Clogs and the Hedgehog.

I nearly forgot to blog about another fun, recent mail arrival. I ordered the Noni Majolica Bag Vases Full of Flowers pattern from SuperCrafty. As promised the pattern went out in the mail within 24 hours of the order. I think it's fabulous that Allison is able to have her online store and be home with her sweet little Evan.

I am off to carefully prepare my list for the LYS. I MUST have a list to reign me in or I will go NUTS!


Cortney said...

Did you see that Knitter's Merc is sponsoring a thing called "knitter's Connection" to be held in conjunction with TNNA this year? There will be classes, a yarn market, etc. and it's all being held at the Hyatt downtown.

There's information about it here: I was in the store last weekend and don't remember seeing anything about it, but I heard about on the Lime N Violet podcast. They'll be doing a show from there.

Karen said...

Courtney, thanks so much for the link. It looks really cool.