Monday, April 23, 2007

FO'S and WIP'S

Another felted bowl. This time in Sensations Licorice in purple multi. It's a fun thick and thin yarn that I got at JoAnn's.

I think it lost something in the felting. I ran it through the washer twice. Maybe I should have stopped at one time. It is very dense and solid.

Some Knit Picks Bare in bulky weight dyed with Lemon Lime and I want to say arctic blast raspberry lemonaid Kool-aid. This is for a felted bowl for my friend Tracy's Dad. I'm looking forward to knitting this up into a bowl.

Here we have the jellyfish looking Storm Pinwheel blanket for Henry. It's a little funky looking but it's coming along. I'm on the fourth ball of yarn.

This is too cool. Not that I can do cross stitch but you could still chart words for knitting.

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