Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sherlock Holmes Nesting Doll

This is specifically for Just a Knit Wit. She loves all things Sherlock Holmes. It was a gift from his Mom when he as in high school.

From left to right we Sherlock Holmes, Dr James Watson, Inspector Lestrade, Professor Moriarty, and The Hound of the Baskervilles.

In knitting news Sheldon is coming along nicely. He is a fun little knit. He is going to require crochet so I will be asking Coleen for help. Coleen and I watched three more episodes of Dr Who last night. Oh he is so dreamy.


freshisle said...

It's nice to hear someone else always needs help with the crochet bits. My mom does mine!
I enjoyed your Yarn Harlot story. What a wonderful day! Sweet pic of baby and great grandma, too!

Katherine said...

Sheldon is such a fun knit! The added bonus is that he's an easy project to carry around with you.

Don't worry about the crochet - it's pretty straight forward, you'll be fine!

Just A Knit Wit said...

Those are so freaking cool. Never let me near your house. They won't be there when I leave. :)

Holly of HollYarns said...

Love the Sherlock Holmes Matroyshka dolls! I would steal them, too, if I came to your house!

Karen said...

Looks like I'm going to have to lock up Sherlock and friends if you guys come visit!