Monday, April 02, 2007

Still Spinning Down

Still spinning down from the Harlot inspired knitting euphoria. Did not get to knit yet today. Hoping to finish the latest Hedgie tonight. He is going to be Technicolor!

We have a new roof on the house. The roofers were here today, all day, banging away at the roof. I'm grateful to have a new roof. Thank you Hail Damage! Thank you home owners insurance. Weather permitting new siding is going on this Wednesday.

I found Hippy the Hippo over at Kim-Chi Crafts. Oh is Hippy cute.

After all of the roof noise I'm ready for some quiet time knitting tonight.

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Kate said...

yay for meeting the Harlot! I was so impressed by how real she was in person too. She had plane problems getting to Ann Arbor so I'm looking forward to that post - I feel like it'll be hilarious. Thanks for the good wishes - I'm thinking positive thoughts & seriously - totally looking at the sewing machine you mentioned on I have plans to purchase as soon as I pass! :) Then for some instant gratification I can go buy fabric & such...... hope you have a great day!