Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rastorized Castle and Green Yarn

E and I Rastorized a Princess Castle for her bedroom wall today. I printed this one on card stock on the photo printer so the print quality is better then from the laser printer. It was between a castle and a cat. I could not find a cat picture that quite fit the bill so we went with the castle. She already has the Wallie's Fairyland set so another castle fit right in. You can also see four of the seven Longaberger Horizon of Hope baskets.

My Knit Picks order arrived, a week after I ordered it. I know I should not expect much for free shipping but I live about 30 minutes from their warehouse. Sometimes I wonder if I should call and see if I can go pick up my orders myself. My past orders have arrived in cardboard boxes. This order was STUFFED in a plastic mailing pouch. Not sure how I feel about that. The yarn is squished but seems to be ok. One false move near a box cutter and we are talking serious yarn damage. Not that I would use a box cutter to open a bag.

Anyway here are some greens destined to become some sort of Hedgie. I have a ton of other yarn from the order to photograph later. In the meantime sleep beckons.