Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hedgehog Update

I'm back to knitting Hedgehogs. The Leia Wig has stalled, it's not the pattern, it's all me, I'm just not feeling Princess Leia at the moment. R2-D2 is sort of intimidating at the moment and the plastic bag bags are currently on the back burner.

So it is back to Hedgie love!

I knitted a Hedgie intended for Henry out of the wool I bought at Beaumont Hospital, some Knit Picks Wool of the Andes and some Fun Fur that a friend gave me earlier in the summer. Then I knitted a second Hedgie out of more Wool of the Andes and some Cello eyelash left over from Jon Bon Hedgie.

Well I felted them today. Ok I felted one of them. Turns out the green wool was superwash. The tag did not indicate that it was superwash. I'm disappointed. This latestest happening in a way sums up this past summer. You can plan, you can think you are making good choices and things can go wrong. Wrong in ways that you just can not fix. You can allow it to destroy you or you can find comfort in what you do have and be grateful.

Anyway I trimmed out the mangled superwash hedgie tummy and now have a very odd shaped olive fun fur 'thing' for the kids to play with.

Here is the no felting issues Hedgie knitted in Wool of the Andes Pidgeon Twist for the tummy, Iris Heather for the paws and back and Purple Cello Eyelash for the fuzzy.

I have two more Hedgie's in mind, ok three really, I still want to make a green Hedgie for Henry. I have another skein of the Olive fun fur and a ton of green Wool of the Andes and Andean Silk. I'm also thinking a Champagne and Cream Hedgie, sans potatoes of course.

And a third Hedgie for my Dad. This one will be called Caramel to go with Mocha and Midnight.
Now it's a matter of deciding which one to start next. Maybe I should finish the purple Hedgie first.

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