Tuesday, October 23, 2007

His & Her's Brown Knit Hats

Pattern: His Hat
Marnie MacLean
Knit Picks Peat Cadena
10.5 dpns and circs

Finished Dad's Christmas Hat tonight. Realized that I had not frogged the Leia Wig hat part. It's a perfectly lovely roll brimmed brown hat that would be perfect for my Step-Mother. That's two Christmas knits down!


I've already knitted up a coaster and started a knitted vase for further Christmas knitting.

Allison's NYC Harry Potter Adventure UPDATE

Yes Allison and Nicholas were there. They had a FABULOUS time. Allison is working on what she has dubbed the MANIFESTO, a scrapbook of sorts detailing her experience. I will be posting pictures and her experience as soon as it is ready. Sadly there was no picture taking allowed during the reading and signing but Allison got her moment with JKR which was very special for her.

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Just A Knit Wit said...

Those hats look great, but why do you taunt me with the awesomeness of your Sherlock Holmes nesting dolls?