Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pictures of the WIP'S

I've been bad about not posting pictures lately. So here are a few pics of the Plastic Bag-Bag, which is currently on knitting hiatus and the R2-KT hat.

I have plenty of bags to cut and knit with thanks to the generosity of friends and family. I have every intention of getting this WIP turned into an FO by Earth Day 2008.

My attempt at a hodgepode of double knitting and fair isle seems to be working. The top picture is the 'out' side and the second picture is the 'in' side complete with lots of little tails just waiting to be tucked in between the two layers of knitting.

I'm actually enjoying the double knit this time around. The last time I did double knit was for Dave's Warm A** Hat. I knit each row twice, it was mind numbing. This time I'm knitting every stitch in the row flipping the yarn from front to back with each stitch. I'm also doing color work for that makes it more interesting.

I still need to decide on a hat pattern for Dad's Xmas Hat. His Hat is calling. The Peat colored bulky weight yarn I bought for the Leia Wig would do nicely.

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