Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ravelry, A Few Links and My Locks of Love Donation

Finally drank the Ravelry kool-aid. I'd signed up for an invite ages ago then life got complicated and I forgot about Ravelry. Things have sort of calmed down, only to rev up again but I checked out Ravelry and found the little check my que status button.

Turns out I received an invite on May 23rd. Let's just say the month of May was a nightmare this year.

So I activated my invite today. I'm inknittingnews, not a big surprise. I'm pleased I could get that handle.

I've only mucked around a little bit. I can see how Ravelry could be a HUGE time sink. I've somehow managed to add the four hat patterns I've been lusting after. Mod Cables by the lovely Jeanne of Life In Cleveland, An Unoriginal Hat by the Harlot, Greenery Hat, and Koolhaas by my favorite knit blogger crush Jared.

I've decided that Jared does not work in acrylic because the heat of his hotness would melt the yarn into an unknittable mess.

I've been making some progress on my Holiday knitting. I'm in little felted bowl mode again. Two are done and a third is on the needles. I'm also thinking coasters, small, fast and quite practical. We use several around here. E actually knows to use one without being asked.

Locks of Love

I've been growing my hair out for what feels like an eternity. My sister just gave donation #3 but this is my first, and more then likely only, donation. I love the new cut. We shall see how the cut holds up under everyday styling by your's truly.

Happy knitting!


Sourire11 said...

Arugh - I think blogger just ate my comment...so if i'm repeating myself here you know why

Anyways Thanks so much for the compliment and the link!!! I saw you added the pattern in Ravelry and was really, really excited. How fun!

And Locks of Love is an awesome charity - I donated 2 possibly 3 times (don't quite remember) when I was younger... I can't do it anymore b/c my hair isn't nearly as nice as it used to be and when it gets that long it just gets icky. It's so great that you did, though! And adorable new haircut!

Just A Knit Wit said...

Oh my gosh, your new haircut is absolutely ADORABLE! Seriously, you look so cute. And what a wonderful organization to donate the hair to.

May Karma return to you in the form of obedient patterns and perfect FOs.