Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Ravelry It Taunts Me

So much knitting, so much time on Ravelry and so little knit blogging. I'm knitting in overdrive, at least for me. It's so inspiring to see so many projects on one easy to navigate site. Yes I love to read blogs but for pure pattern seek and find Ravelry is unparalleled.

I knitted a second Unoriginal Hat, this time in Lion Brand Thick N Quick in Wheat. It's nothing like the Blue Moon but the Lion Brand was relatively cheap and is machine washable.

I finished another Hedgie, this time in Tangerine Fun Fur and Autumn Harvest Lambs Pride Bulky. I went with the bulky for the color but would rather go with worsted next time, hedgies just don't felt up as well in bulky yarn, the tummy does not look quite right. Tangerine Hedgie is cute and fun just the same.

I started another Unoriginal Hat, this time in the Pink wool I bought from JoAnn's that will not felt. I'm holding it double and it will be for Princess E for Christmas. It will match her new pink coat from Aunt Rosemary quite nicely.

I'm nearly done with my first Fetching, fingerless mit. I'm using the leftover Autumn Harvest Lambs Pride Bulky. It's a fun little knit

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freshisle said...

Great hats, but I love this hedgie. I think it's my favourite yet. I love the bright orange!