Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy 2008: Actuall Blog Content

Not sure of where to begin. I'm obsessed with Ravelry. It's great for perusing patterns. My girlfriend Brandi aptly described Ravelry as Facebook for Knitting. There is the social aspect of it, a social aspect that I would not be able to experience otherwise. It's also project management. Between your queue and stash and library and needle tracker and favorites and project list you have fabulous organizational tools right at your fingertips.

The downside to Ravelry is that I don't feel as compelled to blog. I'm knitting more then ever and I'm tracking my progress in Ravelry but I'm not blogging and I'm not reading anywhere near as many knitting blogs as before. I have about three I read regularly, can't stop completely now.

This is as good a time as any to write out my knitting goals for 2008. I had a long list of goals a few years ago. This year it is pretty simple.

I will knit for the joy and peace knitting brings my sometimes troubled soul.

That's it. I'm going to knit to knit. It brings me comfort. I do want to continue blogging and Ravelry is a monkey I don't want off my back. In the meantime I'm going to knit.

Onward to an attempt at actual blogging.

My last FO of 2007. The Greenery Hat in Needful Yarn's Joy. The yarn is self striping and a well, Joy, to knit. Fun pattern, great hat. Great feeling to knit out 2007 with a Green hat in Yummy yarn.

My most appreciated, and spot on knitted gift this past holiday season. Fetching in Lamb's Pride Bulky for Coleen. I was over at her house last night watching Firefly, we are taking a Doctor Who/Torchwood break. We were discussing Christmas gifts. To my absolute delight she said that the mitts were the most thoughtful of all of her gifts. It feels so good when you really nail a gift.

My sister was in a HUGE wedding at the end of December. The Bride was a childhood friend of Allie's. The Mother of the Bride was friends with Mom. She sends the kids little gifts from Mom every now and then, it's incredibly sweet. The wedding was lovely. The Bride LOVES the color PINK so I knew I had to knit her a Hedgehog. She was saying at the Bridal Shower that she wants her future dental office to be pink. So I knitted her up a Pink Hedgie for her dental office or her first little girl, whichever comes first.

Little Pink Dental Office/Baby Hedgie turned out very cute, very small, and very PINK! I love knitting the Hedgies.

I must share at least one picture of Annie in her white satin, fur trimmed traveling cloak and muff. She was a vision.

Allison was lovely as well. I'm so glad that Dave and I were able to attend. We had such a nice day. The kids stayed with Grandma Madaline and did great.

Dave and I had so much fun being out and about just the two of us at a very fun wedding and reception. I have a wonderful husband who does not understand yet does not mind my constant need for more yarn.

In addition to Dave here are the two people I'm most thankful for, Henry and Evelyn. We have our moments but they are two amazing children who I'm so very proud of and am incredibly grateful for.

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Sourire11 said...

That sounds like a very good resolution. Cute pic of you and your hubby!