Monday, January 14, 2008

Nuts About Squirrels

Meet Squirrelly. He is a Fiber Trend cousin of the Huggable Hedgehog pattern. He was a fun, fast little knit. Ingenious construction techniques. He was my first intro to intarsia.

He is very cute and very huggable.

Ask and you will receive. Mary requested a side view to see the tail. I am more then happy to oblige. Thanks Mary!

The tail is rather large and out of control. I'm thinking I will add a second anchor up around the base of the head. Squirrelly is rather tippy.

I also have a Fake Isle hat on the needles that is coming along ok. While I'm here I will just add in a picture of the just now completed Fake Isle.


Mary said...

How Cute is that...Id love to see a side view of Squirrelly..Like to get a look at that tail..I wish i had your talent with knitting...Mary in southern Ohio

Kt said...

Oh wow I love the squirrel! It's so cute! I almost died when I saw the tale! You crack me up with some of the things you knit. I think its safe to say you probably knit more than I do homework... ;]

Sourire11 said...

Cute!!! Are squirrels the new hedgie?

Mary said...

Thanks Karen I am so in love with your Critters.And squirrellys big bushy tail Oh!!The cuteness Just spills out.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I love the fake fair Isle hat! Beautiful colors and very fun patterning. Nice!

(and thanks for befriending me on Ravelry too!)