Sunday, March 09, 2008

Urban Renwal

Since we stayed in this weekend we kept to more simple around the house projects, projects that do not require trips to Home Despot. First off Dave moved the tv/av equipment from the left side of the fire place to the right side. No small feat. Ever check out the swirling mass of cable behind the average av setup? Not pretty. The new tv location is nice, the av equipment got a much needed dusting and Dave has a new vantage point from the recliner, not that he sits in in very often.

I mentioned taking up the thinning carpet runner a few days ago. Turns out D has been itching to do this small project. Note the look of disdain for the the runner on his face.

A few minutes and some quality time with the needle nose pliers to remove the staples and the stairs are runner free. The stairs look quite nice in person. The only down side is that our mismatched, mishmash of uncoordinated flooring choices made by the previous owners just scream for some sort of cohesiveness. Some sort of theme, other then pet stained initially nice beige wool carpet and very low end, very light colored laminate.

We have been discussing ditching the carpet and laminate for a uniform, dark mid range laminate. It's just that life keeps getting in the way.

I finally finished my Henry 1st year collage, it's been on my to do list for weeks, who am I kidding, months. I made similar collages of E's first year for us, Allison, Dad/Sue and Madaline. It felt good to get the collages finished.

In knitting news I'm making good progress on my second yoga sock. It's going much faster then the first.

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Sourire11 said...

Yeah for quick home improvement projects! The stairs look great!