Sunday, May 04, 2008

IKEA and King's Island

We ventured south for the second weekend in a row. First up redeeming our season passes at King's Island. It was pouring when we got there and just got worse and worse. We got our passes then headed to IKEA for lunch and shopping.

The second trip to IKEA was so much less overwhelming. This time we had lunch first, yum. We knew we could forgo the display area. E was able to play for 45 minutes which turned out to be the perfect amount of time to shop and check out.

Master Bedroom Before: Very brown, we like brown but were ready for a bit of color.

This trip we finished up our master bedroom. Bought a two more packs of wooden hangers for the now complete closet. Still need to paint the shoe shelf brown but it's ok for now. I went off list and bought a quilt cover/case set. Love how it looks on the bed. Some filmy orange curtains and a rod/hardware. We also bought two golf sized umbrellas, after getting soaked to the skin at KI.

Bedroom after: now with a bit more Orange.

By the time we got back outside the weather was perfect. We headed back to KI and road a few rides with the kids. E and H were troopers. We stopped at a Max & Erma's on the way home for dinner. Don't think we will be doing a sit down restaurant with two very hungry kids again anytime soon. They were fine once they were fed. It was a long, full, and fun day.

IKEA is growing on me. I still don't want a house full of only IKEA, but the Expedit bookshelf calls to me for the dining room.

Speaking of the dining room. I could not stand having the black bookcase of doom out in the light of day any longer. I put the board games back in the front closet, yes they fit, it's not ideal but it's working for now. The craft stuff is currently on the dining room table waiting for a new storage solution. I'm thinking a 7 drawer storage cart from Meijer. Not pretty but functional.

I've been contemplating an Expedit or a chest of drawers in the dining room for display and storage. Still need to think about it and look for options. I'm just glad to have the black bookcase of doom out of there. It's back in the basement looking perfectly fine in Dave's Man Cave, it's dark down there so you can't see the doom.

I've also rearranged the office a bit. The corner computer desk is down in the man cave and I now have my computer on a sewing table that Coleen gave me. It's a bit crowded looking, the table is at the foot of the bed and helps cordon off the Baby Free Zone, BFZ in front of the wall of bookcases. It's not idea but it works for now. I have a few other ideas on furniture placement for the office but they will have to wait till we no longer need a BFZ for the H Man. I moved the reading chair to the corner where the desk used to live and have a floor lamp there. It's a cozy reading corner. For now the office works for me and would make a nice guest room for overnight visitors.

I'm trying to remember if I've mentioned paring down the toys in the family room. That has helped quite a bit, more space to play and less visual over stimulation.

Dave mowed today. We bought some grass seed to over seed the backyard. We have several ideas in various stages for the backyard. It's coming along well. We had dinner out on the patiio tonight, the weather was perfect.

Slowly the house is coming together. It's a matter of time and resources. As far as the Cure goes I'm swapping this week with next, doing Sacred space, the master bedroom this week and Lighting next week. The bedroom is in pretty good shape already. I can't remember the last time we had a tv in the bedroom much less a computer or any sort of storage other then clothing. Having a more sparse, uncluttered, quiet space helps both of us sleep. I'm debating air purifiers for the bedrooms. Maxwell swears by them but I'm not convinced. Need to read up on them a bit.

In knitting news I've finished the back of H's Weasley sweater and started the front. Now to find the yellow yarn I am planning on using for the H.

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Sourire11 said...

The orange accents are great! Really brightens up the space.