Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pink Camo?

My sister is a Delta Zeta, but she is not fond of pink. The only way she will tolerate pink is if it is paired with green. I bought a skein of cough Bernat Camoflage cough at Meijer during a moment of HAVING to have yarn, any yarn. Yes my yarn snobbery is showing and I am a bit ashamed of both the yarn and my snobbery.

Yes I'm making progress on H's Weasley sweater but I wanted to knit something else while in the car this past weekend. I cast on a Gesundheit and finished it during the trip. I failed to check the size on an actual tissue box. It's a bit long. I'm debating ripping it back a bit to make it the right size. Who am I kidding I'm going to rip it back. It needs to be the right size.

E helped me toss the stash a bit tonight. I got most of it out, laid it on the bed in the office and put it back. I really want to figure out a fun stash storage system. My office shelves really need some help. I'm thinking of getting a ton of the white cardboard magazine holders at our next IKEA run. Then I will reorganize the office shelves and the stash.

I found the Quick Hedgie yarn while tossing the stash. I cast on tonight and am already to the tummy. I love the Felted Hedgie pattern.

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