Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Weasly Sweater Progress

Making slow but steady progress on H's Weasley Sweater. The color work is ok, but not fab looking. It's nice to be knitting again.

Watched Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason tonight while knitting. Yet another movie suggestion, not even adaptation of a book. The book and the movie are so different. Colin Firth however is quite dreamy. Must somehow manage to get all six tapes of Pride and Prejudice to find the wet shirt scene.

Had a crazy morning today. I let H ride in a car cart at the grocery store this morning. Only to find he had chucked one of his new, and very cute, and very expensive Keen sandals out of the cart. Retraced my steps, no shoe. Called the store later and thankfully the little shoe was safe and sound at Customer Service.

E participated in a language study at OSU today. D got to go with us. I thought he might find observing E on task interesting. E did great and is welcome to return.

I have this nagging loose cough that does not hurt but will not go away. It's worse at night, making it difficult to sleep. I'm starting to wonder if it's Dave.

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