Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Holiday Knitting Update

Thought I would revisit my Holiday Knitting List O Fun. I feel like the blog is drifting lately. Suppose I've been drifting a bit as well and the blog is suffering for it. For the most part I'm enjoying the summer, the kids and I hang out in the backyard, we run errands. I knit and read. Dave works and hangs out in the basement. I'm slowly rebuilding my computer after a much needed wipe and restore. So that means lots of data moving and grooving. On to the knitting list.

Holiday Knitting List O Fun

Dad Hats, 70th B-Day and Xmas Jacques Cousteau Hat done
Double Layer Hat

Allison Gesundheit in pink/green camo yarn done

NLF TBA, but must be cool

Madaline and Sue birthdays, knit shopping bags I've knitted three so far. Not sure I can part with the blue/brown one, the green one is ok, and the purple one is too small. So at least one more.

Katie TBA and GRADUATION gift, which must be cool. Katie has graduated, we gave her a leather bound journal for Graduation. Holiday is still up in the air. She is also one of my 5's of readers so I can't talk too much about whatever I do knit/buy for her.

S&J Gesundheit in Red?

Tracy Thinking about another cool hat, maybe mitts. Sadly this ship has sailed.

Grandma Janette Gesundheit in Blue

Dad and Sue Gesundheit in Blue

Bill, Rambling Rows in Ruth Yarn, must start soon, big project WIP BABY! This is a monster sized project for me. I'm really enjoying Rambling Rows and the variegated yarn looks pretty cool. I'm just going to keep plinking away at this beast of a project.

GM&D Gesundheit in Brown?

Teacher gifts? TBA

Dave Cobblestone

H Man Weasley Sweater All knitted just waiting for seaming. Maybe I'll do that tonight. Need to just sit down while the kids are in bed and get it finished.

E, MUST finish Crumpets before she grows out of it! FO BABY! Finished and photographed.


So I'm looking at 4 Gesundheits, a Double Layer Hat, at least one if not more market bags, Allison wants one too. Hmmm wonder if NLF would use one, a stealth black one. I'm going to wait on the teacher gifts until I have more info.

Hmmm. This helps me focus. It's so hard to figure out what to knit next. My Ravelry Queue is bursting with projects. Looking over the queue reminds me I need to decide if I'm going to participate in the Summer Knitting Olympics. If I do I want to knit a pair of Monkey socks with my Moondance Hand dye sock yarn from Crazy 4 Dyeing. Aunt Debbie wants another Esther Williams hat for Christmas. I've been thinking about knitting cotton/tulle dish scrubbies as part of my holiday gifts. Hmmm.

I've also been contemplating knitting a sweater vest for H. H-Man rocks sweater vests. I have a ton of Telemark that does not felt well that would make a rocking sweater vest.

I'm thinking finish the Weasley sweater, frog the hedgie at least for now, think I might be using the wrong sized needles anyway, not that it would matter much, and continue to plink away on Rambling Rows. After finishing the Weasley sweater I'm thinking a tissue box cover or a knitted bag is up next.

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Mary said...

You've got a lot of projects to do.Looking foward to seeing the finished Weasley Sweater.Mary in Southern Ohio