Friday, August 15, 2008

Day 7: Ready to Graft

Ok the knitting is finished on the Olympic Monkey Socks. Now it's a matter of getting Adobe Flash working again on my computer so I can check out a few videos on how to graft. I've grafted sock toes before but not well.

I'm thrilled with the socks. They fit great and the yarn is so soft and yummy. This is by far my fastest pair of socks. I think that knitting them together helped me keep my momentum. The next level is to attempt magic loop toe up two at a time socks. I tried it awhile back with less then ideal circs and basically crashed and burned. Sometimes I need to step back from a new skill then revisit it later.

Since I was not ready to graft the socks I ended up finishing a coaster I started before the games began. I also knitted up a second TARDIS. This one is for Jonah. I stuffed it a bit more then I stuffed DJ's. This is a happy, stuffed little TARDIS. I knitted this little one up while watching the Women's Gymnastics All Around. Wow.

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