Sunday, August 31, 2008


I felt like gathering all of my knitted socks together for a picture. From left to right top to down we have Lion Brand Magic Stripes in the pattern that was on the ball band. Not great yarn. I knitted these on bamboo needles. I don't really care for sock knitting on bamboo. First pair and the experience really turned me off on sock knitting.

Until the second pair, my Lorna's Laces Jaywalkers. I wanted to join in the Cara fueled Jaywalking excitement. That and Grumperina is super cool. I knitted these on metal Inox dpn's much better then bamboo in my opinion.

Then there was no sock knitting for some time. Until the yoga socks in Knit Picks Essential multi. Not as expensive as Lorna's Laces and if I recall correctly even less then Lion Brand Magic Stripe per yard and much better quality. Added bonus no heel or toes. These are fun to wear with flip flops.

Then the Fuzzy Feet. I love the fuzzy feet but they need non skid stuff of some sort on them to help with the skidding.

On to the Ravelympic Sock goodness. Fab yarn from Crazy4Dyeing and the Monkey pattern is super fun. I love these socks.

And finally my most current pair the Green Anklets in Claudia Hand Paint based on The Harlot's Basic Sock Recipe.

What a fun pile of hand knit sock goodness. Now I'm still debating the clear Converse Chuck Taylors to show off my socks. I'm also considering a pair of clear clogs. I can't decide. I'd love both. Hmm. Might have to think about that option for the holidays and my birthday coming up.

I"m making steady progress on Cobblestone. This is my first Jared Flood pattern to actually knit and not just drool over. I really like the Paton's Classic Merino, love the color and the squishyness of the fabric it's producing.

I'm still thinking about Holiday knitting. I might need to pare down my list of gift knits. I'm just so fixated on Cobblestone at the moment. Maybe I'll cast on a hat tonight. Urchin is still calling.

Speaking of fixated. I think I may be driving my dear husband crazy with my nearly constant talk about the Presidential Election. I'm a bit obsessed. Sadly I was not able to attend the Dublin Rally but Knitting Confidential did and shared some very cool pictures along with his experience. One of my sister's AG buddies went as well. I'm waiting for her report sometime next week.

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