Saturday, January 03, 2009

What I knitted in 2008 and Goals for 2009

Thought I would tally up my Ravelry projects to see what I knitted in 2008. Let's look for a pattern or two in my knitting.


Hats 13 (5 Unoriginal Hats)

Sweaters 2 one for an Adult Man and one for a Toddler Man in Training.

Pairs of Mittens 3, all felted

Hedgies a surprisingly low 4. I thought I made more this year. Only a 4 Hedgie year.

Tissue covers 6

Dress 1 Ah Crumpets is DONE!

Knitted Toys that are not Hedgies 11, this included 3 sonic screwdrivers, 3 TARDIS, a Dalek, 2 squirrels, hmm might be 12, not sure.

Dishcloths 1

Felted Coasters 9, four were Obama coasters to keep me from hurting myself or the TV during the debates.

Pairs of socks 6 I'm grouping here, this is one pair of yoga socks, one pair of felted fuzzy feet, one pair of felted ballet slippers one pair of anklets and two pair of 'traditional' socks. Wow. That blows my mind a bit. I've not really considered myself a sock knitter, but I had fun knitting up all of these projects and have several sock/foot related projects on tap for 2009.

Felted bowls 2

Mop covers 1 not a fan

Knitted Market Bags 4

Cup cozy/wrist warmer 1 another Obama themed debate night knit.


I'm a bit surprised by the high number of sock/foot items. I love my fuzzy feet. E loves her ballet slippers. I like the idea of knitting up felted slippers then felting them with the recipient there so they can conform to their foot. Same goes for felted mittens.

The number of hats does not surprise me. Dad gets at least one or two hats a year. I like knitting hats, they are small, quick and don't take up a lot of yarn. I feel I can splurge on some yummy yarn for a Hat.

I'm immensely proud of the two sweaters. Dave wears and is beating the ever living crap out of his Cobblestone. Now to get a picture of H in his Weasley sweater. I'm not big on sweater knitting, never have been in the past but I enjoyed both of these knits. It helped that I found a metric buttload of Paton's Classic Wool Merino for 2 bucks a skein.

The low Hedgie count surprised me. I do not have all of my Hedgies documented on Ravelry. I really need to get the HP Hedgie on there, he has fun flocked fur, looks like he has a fro, he is spiff. I love the Hedgie pattern. I'm feeling a bit Hedgied out at the moment but plan on knitting more in 09 just because they make me happy.

Knitted toys other then Hedgies. I love little nonsense knitted toys. They make me smile and don't take up a ton of time and yarn. The Dalek was a PITA to knit but I love the FO. Maybe it's time to knit a TARDIS.

Dishcloths really don't do it for me. I have nothing against them they are just not for me, at least for now.

Felted bowls, very low count this year. I was tearing through felted bowls in years past. Love them for stash busting. I have a ton of red yarns, might do a few bowls. We shall see.

The knitted market bags were fun but just don't really call to me. I'd rather use store bought reusable bags then knitted bags.

The knitted bag and dishcloth malaise might be due to the cotton. I'm just not a huge fan of knitting in cotton. Oh I might be on to something here. Crumpets was in Cotton Ease and I was not thrilled with Crumpets once I got passed the super fun bodice. Hmm. Makes we wonder what I should do with my stash Cotton Ease, it's not that much but if I don't enjoy knitting in cotton.

2009 Goals

I know I want to knit more socks this year. The Opal HP sock yarn just calls to me. I like the idea of learning magic loop, maybe 2 socks on one needle or 2 socks on 2 needles. I might get all wild and try toe up socks.

I still have a bit of the Rich Red Patons Classic Merino left in stash. I want to knit E the Jane Austin shurg in the second Mason Dixon book. Yes it calls for cotton but I am not a big fan of cotton. I'll try it in the merino and see what happens.

I have not knitted a shawl in awhile. I've had the Diamond Fantasy Shawl queued for some time. Found a great tutorial on adding beads while knitting so you don't have to move them along the yarn. The Swallowtail Shawl also calls. The Flower Basket Shawl has eluded me on several tries. I have a scanner now, could easily blow up the chart to make it more readable. What is up with the tiny charts.

Hats continue to call. I still want to do Koolhaas. I showed Dad the Koolhaas pattern and the library it's based on, he was impressed. We shall see.

Like I wrote in my last post I knit for the process, for the calm it gives me, for the joy. It's also fun to have a knitted Dalek for your family room mantel but I digress.

In the meantime I have a Jaywalker sock to work on.

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I so desperately need to see a picture of the Dalek! That is too fantastic!