Monday, February 09, 2009

Birthday Cupcake

Went out with a few of the Girlfriends to celebrate Michelle's birthday. Knitted up most of a happy little Red Cupcake for Michelle while watching Mama Mia the movie for the first time.

I loved the movie adaptation, but I think I was the only one of the bunch to enjoy the movie. I actually own the musical soundtrack, must go find it now. I saw the show in previews on Broadway a month after 9/11. Great show. Fun music, admittedly weak story line but pretty good considering they were stringing together ABBA sons.

Now to find my soundtrack. I give the actors in the film version credit for singing, but dear
Pierce Brosnan just can't sing. He worked very hard and looked lovely but oy.

Since I have an FO it's Blanket time. A rectangular square this time. Then maybe another FSM or two.

It's getting warmer again, so not fun for the sinuses and we have lovely piles of gray slush everywhere.

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