Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to Darwin and Lincoln

A very Happy 200th Birthday to Charles Darwin and Abe Lincoln. Very exciting day indeed.

Well we are all entitled to the occasional knitting screw up. I somehow managed to miss the crucial 3rd line of directions on this felted basket pattern and ended up with a pointy purse. Yes it looked a bit odd while I was knitting. Yes I considered trying to fix it. No I was not going to frog it.

E liked the bag as is and we are working on dealing with mistakes so it became an object lesson. Mistakes happen. I felted it up as is and it is rather spiff, if not very practical. It was a fun stashbusting exercise.

I also finished my latest square, a little one, on the blanket. I'm running out of rainbow yarn. But I will NOT buy more. Going to have to change up my pattern a bit. It's stashbusting.

Tonight at Knit Knite I cast on a pink/gray jaywalker. I've decided to knit a third sock to match the larger 2.50mm magic loop sock and then keep the 2.25 dpn/Grandma Janette sock for sentimental reasons, maybe frame it somehow and have it on the wall in my office. So I'm back to a single sock with magic loop.

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Jackie F. said...

Yay for Jaywalker socks! I like that pattern so much, I might try a toe-up version in the future :-)