Friday, February 06, 2009


Pre Felting

Post Felting

The Evelyn Groundhog Day mittens are felted and drying. The plan is to knit the cuffs sometime this weekend. The cuffs usually knit up pretty fast. Then The E will have a new pair of mittens.

I'm also halfway done with the next blanket square. It's pretty fast, mindless computer time knitting. Yes I have a method to the yarn color sequence madness. Please don't ask me to explain it. So far it's working. As I run out of yarn I will just drop that color in the pattern.

I've found that breaking the GIGUNDUS BLANKET of NEVER ENDING RAINBOW DOOM up into single squares between other FO's to be a very good thing. It's turning a looming task into something smaller. I prefer smaller bites as I knit the proverbial elephant.

E is STAR Student at school next week. We have to create a poster about E and her family. Lucky Duck comes to visit this week as well. In the picture above H feeds Lucky Duck gold fish.

With the blanket square nearly done and the mittens only wanting for their quick and easy cuffs it's time to think about what to knit next. I have ideas. I have my Ravelry queue. But I'm not big on long lists of stuff to knit then working through said list.

For me part of the joy of knitting is in tossing the stash, checking online and in my home knitting library, all two shelves of it, and seeing what I can create out of what I already have. Ravelry definitely increases the number of pattern options. I'm big on stashbusting, not quite matching but functional and still fun projects.

I have a good sized bag of red yarn right now. Lots of reds, some of the red Patons, some Knit Picks, some recycled sari silk, some fun fur type fluffy novelty yarn, a nice mish mash of yarns. I'm thinking bowl, maybe slippers. There is a moccasin pattern in Felted Knits that looks interesting. Hmm going to think on this one.

There are also those funky green plastic size 19 needles calling to me. I have some stash wool ease that could be held quad and knitted up into a scarf for E. Hmm.

I want to do something cool. We shall see. Enough stream of consciousness blogging.

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