Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wheaton FTW

Any of my fives of readers remember my Geek Girl plea to go vote for Wil for Secretary of Geek Affairs?

It was looking grim for Wil who refused to rally his Minion. Joss was way ahead for awhile there but Wil, possibly with some help from the WIRED GeekDad Blog readers pulled ahead and won the title.

Turns out I'm not the only Wil fan out there. GeekDad has a new GeekMom writer named Jenny, she is also a Wil fan. Her write up for GeekDad detailing her thought process, and preparation to meet Wil at last year's Phoenix Comicon is a fun read. I can relate to the desire to be a memorable and not scary fan.

Enough with the fangirl stuff.

I finished the knitting on the socks at Knit Knite. Still have not bound them off. Maybe tonight while getting caught up on Dollhouse on Hulu.

In other Knitting World News that's fit to publish Jeanne of Life in Cleveland welcomed her new baby girl Nidea Catherine on St Patrick's Day! Congratulations to Jeanne and Matt on their super cute daughter.

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Jenny said...

Thanks for linking to my article! And on a crafty blog, no less! Thanks for your help in getting Wil elected. I had put out a message at the time, too, but my personal blog has few readers. I think my friend at GeekDad had the most effect. As soon as he posted the plea for votes, Wil shot ahead. =)