Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Sad to see Allison go on AI. She was never my favorite and I hope she gets a good diction coach but I am sorry to see her go before the top three. sniff. At least she left rocking and looking fabulous. Her hair was amazing and she rocked her swan song. Seriously her last two performances on the Idol stage rocked.

I'm happy for Kris. (Krandom!) At least one more week for Kris to do his thing. Then AI will have the big showdown, the culture war that FOX is so desperate to wage between Adam and Danny.

Dave actually watched the show with me, yes I'm shocked too. He even had a bass (Big Al named after my sister Allison actually) with him to play along with the performances, um Paula not so much. Dave's not worried about Allison, she already has a contract from her last win and has a ton of exposure from AI.

I'm curious to see what the contestants sing next week for judges/contestants choice.

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