Sunday, September 27, 2009

Where did September go?

I'm here, I'm knitting, I'm just not blogging. I spend more time on Ravelry and Facebook these days then on blogger.

I've finished seven projects since Wicked. Two dishcloths, a pair of Owling Mitts for my Sister's 30th birthday, two Hedgies for a swap with a high school friend, a cotton thong for a bachelorette party and a surprise. I'm not up for posting pics right now. Just have not felt like blogging.

I started a god awful looking blanket to try to work through some of my acrylic stash. I'm doing Lizard Ridge, but in acrylic. It's a brilliant, gorgeous pattern but I'm doing it in awful yarn. The last yarn I used was so scratchy and squeeky. I was ready to just bind off and call the project quits. Then I tossed my stash and realized that I was knitting with the single most scratchy, awful yarn in my entire stash. I culled several skeins of ultra awful acrylic to give to the kids to just tangle and mess with, meh. I'm going to journey on with the blanket in an attempt to create some sort of awful that transcends into the beautiful. I'm going for nausea inducing color vibration.

I started a pair of Noro Legwarmies for E today. I'm doing them two at a time like socks. Oh I love the Noro in all of it's imperfect explosive color.

I threw a surprise 30th birthday party for my sister. She knew there was something planned but did not know when where how or who so she was genuinely surprised when guests started arriving while she was over for dinner. She loved the Hedwig mitts I knitted for her. She received a beautiful stole knitted in Noro sock from her college roommate Erin.

I tossed my stash while transitioning it from plastic storage tubs to a new bookcase in my office. I can see my stash, all of it. It's awesome to be able to see it all at once. I have the Eames Lounger next to the stash with a nice light on the other side. Dave helped me move the bed out of my office, it went to E's room and her bed went to H's room and H's mattress went to the basement.

My office is now more open. I love the new arrangement.

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