Sunday, February 07, 2010

Valentine Lamb

Valentine Lamb, the Lion Brand Little Lamb Sock Critter done up in stash acrylic. I started him yesterday and he was a fast and fun little knit.

Yes my pictures are dark. Maybe I'll try to get better pics tomorrow, we shall see. The tummy is cabled and super cute.

Sometimes it seems like half the work of a project is getting out then putting away all of the stuff necessary for the project. The yarn, the needles, the stuffing, the safety eyes/nose, the scissors, the needle, the pattern, etc. When I finish a project it's not completely finished until I've put everything away.

Tossed the stash a bit today. I'm slowly working through stash yarn and it was time for a bit of reorg. I went through my knitting baskets. Culled nearly a dozen pens and pencils from my regular knitting bag. Why I had so many writing implements in there is a mystery. I only need two or three.

Did I watch the Superbowl? Um. No. Dave built a fire, love it. We sat in front of the fire with WOSU on the good speakers for the second evening in a row. So low key and lovely.

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