Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Recent FO's

I'm way behind on my knit blogging, WAY behind. Instead of one massive post that might not get finished in this sitting I'm going to try for smaller posts. This one is dedicated to recent FO's.

I have lot's of other SUPER FUN stuff to blog but that will wait for now. Two words. Yarn Harlot!

Behold the second of two Baby Yoda hats(rav link)! This is a simple and fun little pattern that gets BIG reactions at baby showers.

I'd already been thinking about knitting baby Yoda hats for two upcoming babies when Allison asked me about knitting them. I consider myself a selfish knitter but I am happy to make the occasional exception, especially for Star Wars Loving Parents to Be and their little ones.

I knitted up my Birthday Malabrigo into a Sweet Little Nothing(rav). It's a little big around the neck but I'm not going to frog it, it's super soft and comfy and I love it.

I also knit up Wrenna from French Girl Knits in Wool Ease Thick N Quick (rav). I love this sweater, the whole book is filled with fun, sexy sweaters. This pattern is incredibly fast and easy and the sweater is super cute.

I knit up a second Modern Garden Cardigan (rav) this time on size 13's, it's a bit snug before blocking but we shall see.

Speaking of blocking I blocked this two days ago and it's still damp! I still have to add the buttons but it needs to dry first. I love this pattern.

Ok, FO's are caught up. I will save my Yarn Harlot excitement for the next post. In the meantime I'm knitting a fun little hybrid sweater for E out of my purple stash cotton. It's a mix of Oriental Lily and February Lady Sweater.

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NextVanGogh said...

a. Love the YODA hats! Awesome times a million! Or as you like to say, so full of win! :)

b. Love the malabrigo and it looks great on you!

and C. LOVE that wrenna sweater, it is super cute... I might see one of those in my future!