Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Two for Tuesday

Two FO's today. The Anthropology Inspired Capelet in Thick n Quick with Shoulder Holder (rav link) short row shaping for the bottom ribbing. It's a squishy and thick little sweater. I'm thinking I will wear a pin to hold the neck closed. This is my last cool weather sweater project for the season.

Check out my first attempt at an actual crochet project. I've crocheted before, mostly edging. I struggled to crochet with my right hand.

I've been thinking about learning to crochet for the last few days now, but I had to finish the Capelet first. The weather is changing and I had to get it finished. That and I just had to get it finished.

I went out on youtube and found Art of Crochet by Teresa. She has videos of stitches and projects done with the left hand.

Trying this out with the hook in my left hand was an a-ha moment for me! Yay!

I started and stopped a few times with some thick n quick and a larger hook. Then I thought Kitchen Cotton and a smaller hook would be better. I got out some sugar and cream and a size H hook from the stash, watched a few more videos and boom, a dishcloth.

The dishcloth is not exactly square or error free but it's a first real project and I am proud of myself and my fledgling crochet skills! I even get to add a new blog label, crochet!

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NextVanGogh said...

My first learn to crochet book was bought for me as a gift when I was like 8 or 9. It had both left and right handed ways of making all the stitches. It was a great book, just don't know what happened to it. Glad you found something to make it work for you though!