Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Jaywalker Two vs Knit Club

We have Jaywalker progress. The second sock is knitting up pretty fast so far. Check out the nice wide stripes.

I've talked with Tracy today. I told her the yarn is purple. That's cool, as expected.

Have you checked out Knit Club? College Guys knitting. Fun little movie, especially if you have seen Fight Club.

Turns out Knit Club is from student film contest of sorts that takes place at Western Washington University. Resident Hall floors or stacks sign up to participate. I have no idea what a stack is supposed to be.


They get an ibook, a copy of imovie and a video camera to shoot a film, in five days.

Cool concept.

Some of the films are better then others but hey they had five days and probably no budget.

You see dorm room doors in a few of the films. It's interesting how you can guess the gender of the occupants by the door. Men usually have plain doors while women have all sorts of things decorating the door.

We called them door decs in undergrad. All female floors would have their share of door decs.

All female dorm? Oh boy. The decorations would be all over the place. We even had a floor decorating contest before holiday break. Insanity.

Sorority floor? A massive explosion of said sororities colors, Greek letters, mascots, symbols, past composite pictures, etc on top of the obligatory door decs. In my case it was a wash of turquoise blue, steel gray, crowns, bunnies and strawberries.

Two points to anyone who can guess the sorority. I mean Fraternity.

Ah college.

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