Friday, January 27, 2006

Slow Progress

It's slow goings here. Jaywalker two is going slow and steady. It's like a different knit from the first sock.

Some days I find all sorts of nifty things online. I did not find much in the knitting blogshpere today. Ok, other then the fact that there are over 1800 people signed up for the Knitting Olympics.

Can we all say Wow?

That's a metric buttload of participants.

I think it's great to see the online knitting community coming together in the spirit of the Olympics.

I did find this interesting blog off of dooce. Heather and her husband John, along with a ton of other bloggers, none knit bloogers as far as I can tell, are going to Amsterdam for five days all expenses paid by in exchange for an interview and ad space on said blogs.

Very interesting advertising ploy. Looks like Trent from Pink is the New Blog, a celebrity gossip blog fave of mine, is going. I'll bet Trent is super excited.

How about a knit blogger trip to Peru, or Ireland, or Japan, or Rhinebeck?

Rhinebeck would be sweet.

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