Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ode to Joy

As 99.9% of the knitting blog world already knows Yarn Harlot is hosting the Knitting Olympics. I debated signing up. Most of the projects I have lined up are pretty simple. I considered a Ribby Cardi but I really did not want to have to buy that much yarn right now.

I had a flash of inspiration out driving with E today. I would make Shedir for Tracy, my best girlfriend from high school. Tracy is battling colon cancer. She is only 33. I quickly worked up an email to Tracy to ask her if she liked the pattern, what color she wanted and if it was ok if I blogged about this.

I have her blessing to discuss this here. She loves the pattern and we decided on Rowan Calmer in Joy. Joy is sort of a blue gray, smoky color. Blue is the color for colon cancer like pink is for breast cancer. She liked the color and especially the name.

Joy it is.

Sometimes I feel guilty buying yarn. Not this time.

I felt Joy.

I ordered it online since my LYS does not carry Calmer. I also ordered the second Noro book for the Klaralund pattern I want to knit sometime this year.

I'm really excited about knitting Shedir for Tracy. She is a dear friend. We have been through so much together. This is one small thing I can do to help celebrate her fight, and help keep her head warm.

No picture of the Jaywalker today. I am nearly ready to start the heel so progress was made. Pictures tomorrow.

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