Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Jaywalker Progress

I'm making slow but steady progress on the first Jaywalker. Only had to tink back two rows to fix an issue at one of the decrease spots. Tinking is no fun. It's funny how the yarn matches the kitchen table top so closely. It's almost like it is a camo sock. I ended up winding the yarn up by hand because the center pull skein had a twist of some sort. It was a pain to constantly detangle so I just did it all at once. The center pull skeins are nice when they are tangle free.

I have a few fun links to share.

I'm a bit of a Star War's Fan. Not hard core mind you. I did go to the 12:01 AM showing of Episode III, yes it rocked. I have probably 100+ books and such. But I'm not rabid.

Ok, my kitchen is decorated in Darth Vader.

No really.

Maybe I'm foaming at the mouth a little.

I found lighted knitting needles while out knit blog surfing today. I can see these being a big help in poor light or for people with vision issues. That and they just look cool.

Yarn Harlot is hosting a Knitting Olympics during the Winter Olympics. You cast on during the Opening Ceremony and must be finished by the Closing Ceremony. The kicker is the project has to be challenging, not disruptive but challenging. I'm going to have to think about this one. I think it's a cool kal idea.

If you check out the sidebar you may notice I made a few changes today. I added a silly little doll and tweaked the lists a bit. I enjoy little web do dads.

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