Monday, February 27, 2006


The house from the movie Moonstruck is for sale. You too can have a bit of movie history for a cool 5 million. There appears to be a bakery hoping to cash in on a Moonstruck connection.

I have not watched Moonstruck in ages. I love hearing Cher slap a super young Nic Cage and yell "Snap out of it!" Then there is Nic Cage going on and on "I lost my hand, I lost my girl." I love how there is an evil Italian Grandmother, much like the evil Grandmother in the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. Thankfully I've only known sweet, wonderful Italian Grandmothers.

So in all of this Moonstruck excitement I reserved a dvd copy at the local library. I plan on knitting and watching it sometime soon now that regular television has resumed after the completion of the Olympics.

Which leads me to the BIG knitting news today. Extreme knitting goddess Stephanie, known by knitters far and wide as Yarn Harlot, posted the Knitting Olympics post to to all Knitting Olympics posts detailing the final, caffeine addled hours of her Knitting Olympics sweater.

There will be a medal ceremony tomorrow and there is something about prizes. I'm excited to see the medal designed by Franklin.

Such knitting excitement.

I spent some time today just looking through the list for the Knitting Olympics. I did not even make it out of the A's and I was able to surf quite a few cool knitting blogs. It would be really interesting to see rough percentages of how many finished, were injured, had equipment failure, illness, etc.

In personal knitting news I'm making progress on Odessa. I'm still loving the Rowan Calmer. It's so sproingy. Sunday I bought beads at the local bead shop then strung them onto the Calmer. I used a beading needle, and a bit of silamide (waxed polyester thread). I knotted the silamide so I could loop the yarn through and gently thread on the beads. Hopefully it's clearer in the large version of the picture.

I cast on last night knitting only a few rows before snuggling on the couch to watch the closing ceremonies with Dave. I did a bit more knitting today.

I started adding beads around dinner time. I'm currently on the second row of beads. The thing is there are a few issues, no fatal flaws, but it's knitting up so quick and I'm not that far into it that I think it's going into the frog pond tonight. It's a really cool pattern being knit with pretty yarn and beads. I don't expect it to be perfect but I know I can do better. Maybe I'll just frog to the ribbing. That's a good plan.


Sourire11 said...

Moonstruck is one of my absolute fav. movies!!! I love it when he's screaming "get the big knife!". goodstuff…. And I too only know the good kind of Italian grandmother.

your Shedir is georgous. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Hopefully I’ll get my olympic project back on track soon….

Karen said...

I'm so excited to watch Moonstruck again. Thanks for the Shedir compliment. Good luck with your project.