Tuesday, February 07, 2006

One for the Frog Pond and Panta Progress

Flick went to the old Frog pond. The Lion Brand Suede was not working and not fun to knit. I'm considering my options. I'd like to use something from the stash, even if I have to resort to acrylic. The horror. I have some black cotton ease that might be good for Flick. We shall see.

I made considerable progress on a Panta last night while watching Firefly on commentary track. I love Firefly.

The Panta is a fun, easy knit. I'm using leftover Cascade 220. Love the yarn. Hope I don't run out.

The hubby bought me a new to me office chair from work today for ten bucks. One of the other departments was getting rid of office chairs. We scored a high speed printer last year for $11.00. It's a sweet printer. I'm very happy with the new chair. I've been looking for one for ages so this was a nice windfall.

I'm really excited about the upcoming Olympics. I read somewhere today that it made NPR. I searched the NPR site but did not find the story. It's over 3K participants. That's so cool.

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