Saturday, February 04, 2006

Please Stand By...

There seem to be technical difficulties going on here. I've lost three posts, a comment and template changes in the last 24 hours. Not fun. Really can't complain too much when the service is free.

I joined the Panta KAL. I've been wanting to knit a Panta, now I have additional motivation, and info.

I've made some progress on Flick. Not really enjoying the knit. The Lion Brand Suede is not a fun knit. I knew I was going the inexpensive route.

Went to the LYS this morning with the little one, who was super good. Bought a size 3, 16 inch circ for Shedir, and a size 4, 16 inch circ for Odessa. I don't know what yarn I'll use for Odessa, I just know I want to knit it soon.

I had a ton of cool links in the 'lost' posts. I'll try to redo them soon.

The hubby painted two walls in his man cave (basement) today. It looks great. We love dark saturated colors on our walls. The basement is now emblazoned with Sly Fox, a dark orange. Yummy.

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