Monday, March 20, 2006

Like A Comet

The last time Halley's Comet was in our neck of the solar system was back in 1986. I was in middle school. I remember going to a field out to the middle of nowhere very early in the morning with my Dad, some other friends from school and some sort of Astronomy club. Can you tell the memories are clear. There were all manner of telescopes set up and I'm pretty sure I got at least a glimpse.

My fondest telescope memories are from elementary school when we lived on the farm. Can we all say very little light pollution? Uncle Bob would bring his assorted telescopes and we would look at the moon and various planets and stars.

I digress. The Halley's Comet Hat can help us pass the time until the actual comet returns in 2061.
Designer: Marnie MacLean
Size: Sm/Med
Yarn: Knit Pick's Ambrosia in Lavender
Needles: set of 5 bamboo, size 9 dpns
Started March 18, 2006
Finished March 20, 2006

Overall this was a fast and fun knit. Believe it or not it was the super simple comet tail pattern that kept tripping me up. Yes I can yo and ssk and k2tog, really I can. After a few tinking episodes I found a rhythm and finished the hat without incident this afternoon. I'm not sure if I'll block it or not.

The only change I would make if I knit this again would be to use a smaller set of needles for the brim to snug things up a bit. The Ambrosia is very soft and drapey, which is not a bad thing, but I could see this hat benefiting form a more substantial yarn, something a bit firmer with less drape.

Thanks to Marnie for a fun pattern.

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